The Stiegl Brauerei is the largest private brewery and the second-largest brewing company in Austria. The history of the brewery goes back to the famous year of 1492. The name “Stiegl” itself means “steps” because the brewery was founded as the “Prew bey der Stiegen” meaning “Brewery by the staircase”. Originally located in the city center next to the small river, the brewers had to go down to the river over a few steps (Stiege in German) to get the water for the brewing process. Today, Stiegl is one of Salzburg’s top attractions and uses the latest brewing technology to create a large selection of outstanding beers brewed in compliance with the Purity Law of 1516 using only the finest ingredients comprised of water, hops, and malt.

We are a company of owners. We believe that we get what we work for. We strive to be the best, pursuing our Dream, committed to improving the lives of more people in more communities. For centuries we have united people, through sports, music, and culture, creating both everyday and extraordinary moments. Taking every opportunity to serve more than people are thirsty. For this reason, we give ourselves to our work. From the countryside to the brewery and to the market, with pride and taking over every step. Producing great beers with the best natural ingredients. Preparing the way for a better tomorrow, of which we are proud to belong. And celebrating the great moments that unite us.

With over 730 years of brewing tradition, the Brauerei Hirt is certainly one of the oldest breweries in Austria. It originally opened as a tavern that refreshed knights and Merchants who passed along the ancient Vienna-Venice Route. As in those days, the continued success of the brewery is built on a number of fundamental factors: the crystal clear Alpine Spring Water, the highest grade of ingredients, the double filtration method, the quality controls and the fact that the beer is still brewed to the same old Bohemian recipe.

Over the last 400 hundred years, special artisan beers have been brewed lovingly and with passionate dedication in the Princely Brewery situated on the medieval Schlossberg in Wallerstein.
The House of Wallerstein stands for European high nobility and artisan mastery in equal measure – and is thus predestined to represent the harmonization of enjoyment and lifestyle, tradition and modernity, past and present, regionality and internationality.

Boon Rawd Brewery, Thailand’s first brewery, was founded in 1933 by Phraya Bhirom Bhakdi. For over 80 years, the privately-owned company has become a renowned beer and beverage producer, managed by 3rd and 4th generations of the descendants of the founder together with professionals from different fields. The Royal Garuda that appears on every bottle of Singha products is a Thai Royal Warrant, the highest honor in Thailand awarded to businesses and organizations, was granted to Boon Rawd Brewery on October 25th, 1939, for its exceptional service and commitment to the economic and social development of the Thai Kingdom.