About Glunz Imports

Company Size and History

Glunz Imports is a Division of Louis Glunz Beer, Inc. an Illinois Corporation. In 1888 Louis Glunz started a beer distribution business in Chicago, Illinois near the corner of Well's and Division Street. The Glunz family still operates that 131-year-old business managed by the 4th generation, with members of the 5th generation active in the business. The company sells 1.5 million cases of beer and employs over 150 people.
From the beginning, the organization possessed the vision and led the industry with these "firsts":

In 1988 Jack Glunz, Louis's grandson, founded Glunz Imports, importing smaller brands from around Europe. In 2005, Jerry Glunz with the tutelage from his father began to expand Glunz Import's business. During this era, Glunz Imports grew the Stiegl brand by over 1000% over a ten year period. While doing this the Glunz Import Team developed the Radler segment in the United States. Glunz Imports now represents a variety of breweries and styles, to include:



Mission Statement
Through the efficient utilization of our highly motivated and trained employees, Glunz Imports, a professional beverage importer, will strive to provide an exceptional representation of all of our suppliers, while providing our customers unsurpassed customer service.

Vision Statement
Glunz Imports is always striving to represent their supplier's portfolio with professionalism and an open mind. Our representatives will cultivate a supplier, distributors, and retailers' maximum potential with the brands they represent. Glunz Imports representatives' goal is to create excitement about their portfolio all the way through the value chain and to ensure the consumer has ample opportunity to purchase and sample their brands.  

Glunz Imports Pillars of Success